Facial Injuries and Fractures

Facial Injuries and Fractures

Facial injuries and fractures are some of the most commonly seen injuries after road traffic accidents, falls, assaults and sporting mishaps.

Facial Abrasions and Lacerations

  • Abrasions are loss of outer layer of skin most likely due to friction. Commonly called as Grazes or Scratches. Lacerations are full thickness injuries of the skin which sometimes are also associated with loss of tissue.
  • A Plastic surgeon is the best medical professional to treat your abrasions and lacerations mainly because of meticulous tissue handling, use of magnification and fine sutures, an eye for the aesthetics and prudent long term management of scars.

Facial Fractures

  • Most of the facial fractures which are displaced and cause a functional or aesthetic problem will require reduction and fixation.
  • Frontal bone fractures (Forehead bone), Orbital fractures (Eye socket), Nasal fractures, Maxillary fractures (Upper jaw), Zygoma fractures (Cheek) and Mandible fractures (Lower jaw) are the commonly seen fractures.
  • A CT scan and X ray may be required for assessment. After bringing the bones back into their place, these fractures are stabilized using Titanium plates and screws. Sakra World Hospital has the most advanced Synthes Airpen drill system for this purpose and Dr Vybhav Deraje uses Synthes plating system to manage these fractures. This surgery usually requires admission for one day and most patients return back to normalcy in a week’s time.

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Very comfortable to deal with. He clearly explains the condition and builds confidence. Also clarifies all your questions with patience. Highly recommended. Thank u sir.


Amazing doctor. Explained things thoroughly during treatment. Made my deep cut mark on cheek fully disappear, which I never thought would happen.


I was exceedingly comfortable during the surgery and Dr. Deraje is a wonderful surgeon. He also assisted me in getting a certificate promptly for my injury. My scars have healed perfectly too.


I met with an accident and surgery done for my finger tip. Vybhav did very well and I didn’t expect that my finger tip would survive. He has done very well and helpful person as well.