Head And Neck Cancer

Head And Neck Cancer

The head and neck cancers mainly are Oral cavity cancers (Squamous cell carcinoma), Salivary gland tumours, Skin cancers (SCC, BCC, Melanoma), Jaw tumours (Ameloblastoma, Angiofibroma, Giant cell tumours), Tumours of nasopharynx and oropharynx etc.

These tumours are treated by a multidisciplinary team of ENT/Onco surgeons, Plastic surgeons, Medical and Radiation oncologists, Speech therapists, Dieticians etc.

After the tumour is cut or excised, you will require a reconstructive procedure by a plastic surgeon, usually at the same time as the cancer surgery for ideal results.

If there is loss of skin tissue, skin is borrowed either locally or from distant areas. Most commonly skin from your thigh (ALT flap) or forearm (RAF flap) is used using microsurgical principles.

If there is loss of bone, bone is borrowed from either your leg (Fibula flap) or your hip (DCIA flap).

Sometimes, if a muscle is required for reconstruction, it is borrowed either from your thigh (Gracilis flap) or your back (LD flap).

Dr Vybhav Deraje uses the most advanced Leica operating microscope to carry out these complex procedures. For suitable patients, Dr Vybhav Deraje also uses the revolutionary technology of GEM Microvascular Anastomotic COUPLER.

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Very comfortable to deal with. He clearly explains the condition and builds confidence. Also clarifies all your questions with patience. Highly recommended. Thank u sir.


Amazing doctor. Explained things thoroughly during treatment. Made my deep cut mark on cheek fully disappear, which I never thought would happen.


I was exceedingly comfortable during the surgery and Dr. Deraje is a wonderful surgeon. He also assisted me in getting a certificate promptly for my injury. My scars have healed perfectly too.


I met with an accident and surgery done for my finger tip. Vybhav did very well and I didn’t expect that my finger tip would survive. He has done very well and helpful person as well.