cleft lip and palate

cleft lip and palate

Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common congenital facial anomaly. Untreated cleft lip and palate can have major impact on the self esteem of the child and also have a significant effect on the speech, swallowing and other oral and nasal functions.

Dr Vybhav Deraje, along with a multidisciplinary team of ENT surgeons, Dentists, Orthodontists and Speech therapists, provide a protocol based standardized treatment for cleft lip and palate. Some of the common types of anomalies are Cleft lip only, Cleft lip and alveolus, Cleft palate only, Cleft lip and palate and Submucous cleft palate.

Treatment protocol for Cleft lip and palate babies

3-6 months of age – Lip repair

Needs only one day stay at hospital. Babies can immediately breast feed after the surgery if there is no palatal issues.

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9-12months of age – Palate repair

Needs 1-2 days of hospitalization. It is a critical operation for the development of normal speech of the child. Most often babies also need ventilation tube insertion into their ears by an ENT surgeon at the same time because most babies with cleft palate have a dysfunctional Eustachian tube and can have fluid accumulation in the ears.

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1-12 years of age – Speech therapy & surgery

All children undergo speech therapy after the palate operation. They also undergo periodic speech assessment along with nasoendoscopy and if required also undergo secondary speech surgery like Pharyngoplasty or Furlow’s Z plasty to improve speech.

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7-11 years of age - Alveolar bone grafting with pre and post orthodontics

Bone from the hip is transferred to the upper jaw depending upon the time of eruption of the canine tooth. The orthodontist usually prepares the jaw for this surgery and also carry out some finishing touches after surgery.

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16-18 years of age - Jaw surgery with pre and post orthodontics

Orthognathic surgery to correct ‘Flat face deformity’, medically known as Midface hypoplasia. This is in the form of Lefort I maxillary advancement or sometimes Double jaw surgery. This is a major surgery requiring 3-4 days of hospital stay including 1 day of ICU stay. In this operation the upper jaw is advanced ahead to give the patient a proper bite and better aesthetics. Sometimes it may also require movements of the lower jaw.

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Above 18 years - Rhinoplasty with or without lip revisions

Rhinoplasty is an operation to correct the nasal deformities of cleft lip and palate. During this time, any adjustments needed to the lip also can be carried out.

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Subsidized treatment is available for children with Cleft lip and palate hailing from economically disadvantaged families.


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Very comfortable to deal with. He clearly explains the condition and builds confidence. Also clarifies all your questions with patience. Highly recommended. Thank u sir.


Amazing doctor. Explained things thoroughly during treatment. Made my deep cut mark on cheek fully disappear, which I never thought would happen.


I was exceedingly comfortable during the surgery and Dr. Deraje is a wonderful surgeon. He also assisted me in getting a certificate promptly for my injury. My scars have healed perfectly too.


I met with an accident and surgery done for my finger tip. Vybhav did very well and I didn’t expect that my finger tip would survive. He has done very well and helpful person as well.