Plastic Surgery Of The Hand

Carpal tunnel release

This is a surgical procedure done for Carpal Tunnel syndrome where the median nerve of the hand is compressed in a canal in the wrist. During this surgery, the tunnel is released to decrease the compression and hence improve the symptoms like numbness, tingling sensation and weakness of the hand.

Dr Vybhav Deraje offers this surgery as a daycare WALANT procedure where you are wide awake and only local anaesthesia is used for the surgery, without using the tourniquet, which is the most contemporary method for elective hand surgery in the world.

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Best Hand Plastic surgeon Bangalore
Best Hand Plastic surgeon Bangalore

Trigger finger release

This is also a daycare WALANT procedure, where the pulley in your hand which causes triggering and locking of the finger is released. You will notice an immediate relief in symptoms after the procedure.

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Syndactyly release

Syndactyly is a common congenital hand deformity where 2 or more adjacent fingers have not separated. This requires release of the affected fingers and coverage of the wounds with skin grafts. This surgery is usually done before the age of 1 year. This is a daycare procedure done under general anaesthesia.

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Best Hand Plastic surgeon Bangalore
Best Hand Plastic surgeon Bangalore

Burnt hand deformity release

This is a surgical procedure where deformities caused by burns is released and wounds are covered either using skin grafts or using skin flaps from different parts of the body. You will need rigorous physiotherapy before and after the procedure.

Hand injuries treatment

Dr Vybhav Deraje also offers a hand trauma service where injuries to the hand are treated surgically. Some of the common injuries are Nail bed injury, Tendon injury, Amputation of fingers and hand, Mangled hand, Brachial plexus injury, Nerve injury, Vascular injury etc. Dr Vybhav Deraje collaborates with the hand therapy unit of the hospital to provide the best hand care that you need.

Best Hand Plastic surgeon Bangalore

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Very comfortable to deal with. He clearly explains the condition and builds confidence. Also clarifies all your questions with patience. Highly recommended. Thank u sir.


Amazing doctor. Explained things thoroughly during treatment. Made my deep cut mark on cheek fully disappear, which I never thought would happen.


I was exceedingly comfortable during the surgery and Dr. Deraje is a wonderful surgeon. He also assisted me in getting a certificate promptly for my injury. My scars have healed perfectly too.


I met with an accident and surgery done for my finger tip. Vybhav did very well and I didnā€™t expect that my finger tip would survive. He has done very well and helpful person as well.