Other Craniofacial Conditions


Facial Palsy

Facial palsy is loss of function of facial muscles of expression due to injury or compression of the facial nerve.

It is best treated early (within 1 year), when nerve transfer procedures can be carried out using nerve grafts from your leg (Sural nerve). If there is a delay (more than 1-2 years), a major procedure like free functioning muscle transfer using muscle from your thigh (Gracilis) will be required for reconstruction of your smile and Gold weights are inserted into your eyelids to facilitate proper closure of your eyelids.

You might also need physiotherapy and Botox injections as supplementary procedures to correct the deformities.

Parry Romberg Disease

You might have contour deformities on your face if you have this condition. There is a loss of volume under your skin causing depressions on your face. Sometimes, the skin may also be thinned out.

Fat grafting is a wonderful option for this condition. Fat is borrowed from your tummy or thighs and injected into these areas to get a smooth surface. This is usually a day procedure.


Vascular Tumours

Conditions like Haemangioma, Lymphangioma, AV malformations, Venous malformations, Capillary malformations are quite common in children. Some of them resolve spontaneously, but some don’t.

Depending upon the exact diagnosis, your child might need medications (like Propranolol), injection therapy using sclerosants (like Bleomycin), Interventional radiology procedure (like Coiling) and surgery (like Complete excision or Debulking).

Your Plastic surgeon in consultation with the Interventional Radiologist will help you make the right choice for the treatment of this condition.

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